Christ’s Hospital Old Blue Special Recognition Awards

Christ’s Hospital recognises and acknowledges Alumni who have made an important contribution to the profile of the School through their achievement.

The winners for the Old Blue Special Recognition Awards 2017, whose awards will be presented at the OBSRA ceremony at Old Blues’ Day on 29th April, are listed below:

  • Roger Allam (PeB, ThA, 64-72)  Achievement in a Chosen Career and Excellence In The Arts
  • Professor D. Keith Bowen (Bab, 51-59)  Achievement in Science And Engineering
  • Dr Judy Evans (6s, 62-69)  Achievement in a Chosen Career
  • Major General Buster Howes, CB, OBE (BaB, ColA, 71-77)  Achievement in a Chosen Career
  • Sir Rupert Jackson (PrepA, MdB, 58-66)  Achievement in a Chosen Career
  • Elizabeth Llewellyn-Smith, CB (3s, 46-53)  Achievement in a Chosen Career
  • Christopher Pearson (PrepB, MdA, 42-48)  Commitment to Christ’s Hospital
  • Geoff Stearn (PrepB, BaB, 54-62)  Commitment to Christ’s Hospital
  • Reverend Father Paul Uwemedimo (LHB, PeA, 75-83)  Community Engagement and Leadership
  • Dr Francis Warner (PrepB, MdB, 47-54)  Excellence in the Arts

You can view the profiles for all the OBSRA 2017 winners by clicking below:


Past winners


Terry Bate (ColA 45-51) Achievement in a chosen career
Chris Bugge (PrepB, MaB 56-63) Commitment to CH
Sir John Daniel OC (PrepA, MdB 52-61) Achievement in a chosen career
Kathleen Duncan OBE (3s 5s 56-65) Commitment to CH
Catherine Higham (nee Ennis 6s 65-71) Excellence in the Arts
James Hooper (MaB, GrE 98-05). Young Achiever (Old Blue under 30)
Josh Leakey VC (ThA, GrW 99-06) Young Achiever (Old Blue under 30)
Irene Rigold (7s 38-46) Community Engagement and Leadership
Mike Stock (PrepA, PeA 43-50) Community Engagement and Leadership


Joe Launchbury (MdB, GrW 02-09) Young Achiever (Old Blue under 30)
Bryan Magee (BaA 41-48) Achievement in a chosen career
Graham Mellstrom (MdA 41-48) Commitment to CH
Sir Richard Nichols (PeB 47-55) Contribution to the community and commitment to CH
Sally O’Brien (5s 70-77) Commitment to CH
Neville Osmond (MaA 44-51) Commitment to CH
Timothy Parsons (PrepB, BaB 42-49) Achievement in a chosen career


John Chumrow OBE (ColB 39-46) Commitment to CH
Sir Colin Davis CBE (ThB 38-44) Excellence in Sports or The Arts
Moyna Gilbertson OBE (6s 42-48) Commitment to CH
Fred Grant (MdA 36-42) Commitment to CH
Geoff Hines (LaB 51-59) Community Engagement and Leadership
Lance Reynolds (PrepA, MdB 49-58) Commitment to CH


Robin Crane CBE (PeA 41-49) Community Engagement and Leadership
The Baroness Deech DBE (1s, 7s 53-61) Achievement in a chosen career
Diana Gould (nee Robinson) (5s, 8s 42-51) Commitment to CH
Charles Hazlewood (MaA 78-85) Excellence in the Arts
Susan Mitchell (nee Hamilton) (1s, 7s 47-56) Commitment to CH
Dennis Silk CBE (PrepA, MaA 42-50) Excellence in Sport and Achievement in chosen career