Following feedback, here are some handy links to useful information on this site.

  1. If you are unaware of CHOBA events here a few ways you can find out more, we publish dates up to one year in advance for major reunions

CHOBA Newsletter

CHOBA website

CH website

Initial invitations for reunions are sent out at least 8 weeks prior to an event

To book a reunion place

If you are not sure who is attending a reunion / event please visit the attendees list we publish for each event which can be accessed via the individual event 

Annual Old Blues Day – it is our plan to hold this event annually the next one being scheduled on 19th May 2017

  1. Why CHOBA holds reunions in central London

The recent Old Blue survey results are as follows – 24% in London / 23% in South East, giving 58% accessible to central London.

London based reunions are held mid-week as the cost room hire for weekends is too expensive – we have recently changed events  to Friday nights to allow an overnight / weekend stay following feedback

Other reunion and section information

If you cannot travel to London you can find out if there is local group in your area (national or international) 

If your area is not covered by an existing CHOBA group, there are several ways  you can volunteer to help

Set up a group – we are always looking for volunteers and the CHOBA office would love to hear from you, a full list of vacancies for section secretaries in the UK are as follows 

For helpful information on how to go about organising your own reunion

  1. For events held at CH

Visit the link to the Box Office

Or the CH community website

  1. Want to visit CH

As a group – up to 30 persons book a Verrio tour

For a private Old Blue / family group

For travelling to CH and parking on site

  1. Publications online

For back issues of all CHOBA publications including The Old Blue and monthly newsletters 

  1. If would like to be part of a consortium in a small way to sponsor a child through CH
  1. If you would like to mentor, provide professional careers advice to fellow Old Blues
  1. If you need business / entrepreneurial guidance

Join one of our business groups

  1. If you would like to be able to get in touch with fellow Old Blues

Join the supporters portal


contact the CHOBA  office

  1. To keep up to date on our official social media pages they are:

Facebook – Christ’s Hospital Old Blues Association

Twitter – @CHOldBlues

LinkedIn – Old Blues

Instagram – CHOldBlues

  1. For information and discussion about the different ways to be involved not just financial donation refer to point regarding volunteering ideas in section 2.

  2. Better visibility of financial status – visit either the CH or CHOBA website 

    CH website

  3. CHOBA Documents

    CHOBA Constitution
    CHOBA Expulsion Procedure