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Introduction and CHA history

A vigorous Old Blue community is essential to the good health of Christ’s Hospital.

By 2002 both the CH Club and the Council of Almoners were concerned by the steady drop in Club membership and by the increasing difficulty of persuading many younger Old Blues to stay in touch with CH.

As a result a working party was formed. This proposed, that there should be a new association (the CHA) merging the work of the Club with alumni-relations as a key part of the Development team based at the school.

The CHA and club members agreed to dissolve the Club in the spring of 2005 and the new CHA was born, it soon became clear that a new logo needed to be designed, a simple design incorporating the CH coat of arms with interwoven rings representing the link between to association and the school was chosen.

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In October 2009 the CHA became CHOBA having considered whether or not the name “Christ’s Hospital Association” was one with which Old Blues might readily identify, particularly younger Old Blues.  After due consideration a proposal was put forward and hence the new name was adopted, which is intended to be inclusive of all Old Blues and other former CHA members.

The Board of up to 10 members seeks to bring this Association to the notice of as many Old Blues as possible and to create the best forum for friend-raising in that community.

The aim of CHOBA continues to be “to work in partnership with and to support Christ’s Hospital in the development, enhancement and maintenance of a network of mutually beneficial and enduring relationships between Old Blues, CHOBA members, staff, pupils, School and Foundation.”